Jennifer Collao, Cooper Hewitt, Fifth Blog

Hey guys,

I was waiting until I finished my story telling at the New York Public Library to write my last blog post. So, here it goes.

The last week at Design Prep was focused on Product Design. I have to say it was best week of the program. More teens came and wow they were a solid bunch. It was the perfect way to end my internship. This week we learned that everything kind of sucks. For example, doors are the worst. To have a push door with handle is considered a poor design. If it has a handle that usually means you have to pull, but these normative doors ahh well they get you. When I figured out it was not my fault that I kept opening doors the wrong way, well I felt a bit better about myself, and mad that these normative doors were still a thing. The teens were assigned to fix everyday design problems like the normative doors. Some designed new alarm clocks and others cups. Speaking of cups, they are also the worst. Some have thin handles so it makes it kind of impossible to enjo…

Daniel Benitez Blog Post 5

The age of flight is upon us.

This weeks theme was flight. Feathers to Stars is the flight exhibit we have at the museum and it was the starting point for this week. The theme of flight started way back when dinosaurs ruled the world and the kids were tasked with putting together a puzzle of an Archaeopteryx.

We also allowed them to be a little bit more creative and design their own dinosaurs made out of clay and to go along with the theme of flight we gave them feathers to make their dinosaurs fly. It's amazing to see the wonder that is a kid's mind. They are so creative and its so effortless.

On Tuesday, we went to the aquarium as per week. However, this week I discovered a cool fact about sand. Did you know sand is made by the feces of parrotfish? Yes! They consume dead coral and their bodies break it down to create sand.

These are examples of their poop lol, 

Apparently with young kids from grades 2nd to 5th drones are all the rage. These campers went on to say how they o…

Mayahuel Garcia Post 5


Today was my last day at Arte Americas. This week was not that busy and I continued to work on organizing newspaper files like I had mentioned in my last post. Since I don't have much to say about the final week, I will take the opportunity to reflect on my experience with the programs. Being apart of this program has really impacted me in ways that I could have never imagined. With my time at Arte Americas and during Washington week, I have been able to grow stronger in my communications skills. This is something I've e always felt has been a burden for me as I try to become a strong leader.  I was able to practice my networking skills in Washington DC and use that while interning at Arte Americas. I would talk with our guest or work with people I had never met before. Small things like this helped me become more comfortable when talking to strangers. I got to see myself grow in short span of time. I remember being extremely nervous during the presentation of our project…

Ariela Algaze - Week 5

...and that's a wrap, folks!

Today was the last day of my internship at the National Portrait Gallery. I think it hit me on Thursday that I'm really going to miss this place -- not just the NPG itself, but also the kids I worked with and Washington DC in general. This month and a half has probably been at once the most interesting and enjoyable of my life.

This week was filled with tours and performances -- ten throughout the week, to be exact. I portrayed Christopher Reeve in our Portraits Alive! tour and spoke with audiences from across the city and even the country. Some tours were better attended than others, and I tried to engage the audience as much as possible. For the younger audience members, the tours taught them something entirely new. For the older audiences, the tours of the Struggle for Justice exhibition served as a trip down memory lane. Our aim was to make history come to life, and I think we certainly succeeded.

I also was able to talk with TaĆ­na Caragol, the…

Blog #5, Daniela Talamantes Martinez, SAMA

Hello everyone!

This has probably been one of the most interesting weeks while I was here at the Museum. On Thursday, was "Tres Museos," a San Antonio event where a max of 200 school teachers visit the San Antonio Museum of Art, and then are bussed to the Witte Museum and McNay Museum. After check in, I helped the educators with the "slow-looking" tours in the Japanese gallery and the contemporary gallery (viewing the painting, "Temptations of Saint Anthony"). It was a wonderful opportunity for elementary and middle school art teachers to be exposed to the museum and possibly bring back new lesson plans to their classrooms. 

I also was able to go into one of the operations warehouses with my supervisor where all the gallery building materials where stored. Glass cases and the fresh scent of wood filled the air as I stepped into one of the curating offices where galleries where planned. I saw blueprints of future exhibitions, and saw how the education depart…

Crystal Vargas Blog #4

Hi everyone,

The last week of my internship was not as busy as the others but I did notice that I interacted with guests a whole lot more. At the start of my internship, I had worked in similar settings with guests but had not engaged with them at the same level. By interacting with kids of all ages, I learned how they reacted with strangers talking to them. There were some kids that would simply ignore you when you tried to talk to them but there were others that would keep a conversation going.

This week I had the chance to actually prepare all the spaces for the day which is pretty standard but I would get there kind of  because of public transportation. During this extra time, I took pictures of the space where I primarily spent my time which will be below.

On the last day, I had the chance to reflect on the things that worked and things that could be improved with the internship experience. One idea we talked about was how the idea time seemed slow at first but then one becomes a…

TBH Final Blog

Hey guys,
Today is my last day of my internship and I'm thankful to have had this opportunity to meet people and visit places. Being at Talento Billingue de Houston felt like being a part of a family. The kids were amazing and each day I got to see their creativity and their amazing personalities. The staff members were kind and most were college students so I was able to get advice about college. Also Friday my last field trip with them was at the zoo and below are some pictures of my group. The internship helped me reconnect with my artsistic side and I'm grateful for it. Even though I'm officially not an intern after today, I am still going to volunteer until their talent show and all the summers to come if I'm able. Thank you smithsonian for this summer and hopefully get to come back.